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                            DUSTLESS BLASTING WITH ALL MEDIA                 Green is the new Black for Business                                                                            LIFETIME Warranty!               All H260 Green Collar™ Series High Performance DUSTLESS Blast Pots include a LIFETIME Warranty!                                                                             The H260 Green Collar™ Series blast pots have Tungsten Carbide components                                                                                                   The H260 Green Collar™ Series DUSTLESS blast pots are Tuff Enuf™ to Do IT All!      WET OR DRY                               Soda Blast or Cob Blast or Sand Blast WET or DRY with one machine                                                              Built with Pride in the USA                                   Tungsten Carbide - Stainless Steel - High Carbon Boiler Plate Steel - Powder Coating with UV Protection


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Could it get any more gentle than this?

This can was soda blasted with sodium bicarbonate at 60 PSI

and the H260 Series can go as low as 25 PSI!

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We make stuff, We sell stuff, We do stuff that provides ecological surface cleanings and coatings removal

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We make STUFF!

We Sell STUFF!

Click here for Eco-Equipment Sales

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We got STUFF for your STUFF!

Click here for Eco-Blasting supplies for your equipment.

Get Eco-Media Deliveries of sodium bicarbonate, corn cob, recycled glass, etc. drop shipped to directly your location or job site

Click here for Eco-Media information on soda- cob- recycled glass, etc.


We use our STUFF to do Eco-STUFF to your STUFF!

We do surface Cleaning and Coatings Removal

Fire- Mold- Graffiti- Restoration- Construction, Etc

Click here to get information on our National Eco-Blasting Services for soda blasting, cob blasting or abrasive blasting that we provide in your area




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H260 Green Collar™ Series DUSTLESS All-Media Pots

Lifetime Warranty!

The Swiss Army Blaster of the Industrial Abrasive World

Tuff Enuf™
to earn our
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty!

Soda Blasting - Cob Blasting - Sand Blasting

We are pleased to additionally offer the Higher Output H268-HO-LP to our H260 Green Collar™ Series which will increase your production by 27% over the already productive H267-LP.


The H260 Green Collar™ Series are the ONLY pots available from anyone, anywhere that are Tuff EnufTM to be able to blast DUSTLESS or Dry:

  • Shoot soda

  • Shoot potassium

  • Shoot magnesium

  • Shoot walnut

  • Shoot cob

  • --AND--

  • Shoot sAND, Slags and Glass Dustlessly using our specially designed Tungsten Carbide components!

  • NO tear-down between media changeovers

  • Self cleaning metering valve

  • Give you the flow control of a soda blast pot averaging one (1) bag of media per hour!

  • Hepa Filter moisture separator with High Performance Flow Indicator Sight Glass

  • Blast pressure as low as 25 PSI!

  • Blast pressure as high as 180 PSI! (optional)

Manufactured with pride in the USA


  Ultra High Efficiency Oil/Water Removal

This patented Extractor/Dryer is a two-stage, point-of-use compressed air filter. Designed primarily for the final usage of air, it will remove water, oil and other contaminates from compressed air lines. Developed for air driven tools, paint spraying, manufacturing equipment, sand/soda blasting, ice blasting or any other compressed air equipment usage to produce clean, dry, compressed air. In return you receive extended equipment life, improved product quality, reduced downtime, with savings on material usage and costly repairs to damaged equipment. These advantages will pay for the extractor in a short amount of time. 15 to 500 SCFM. Average filter life = 1,100 hours

Best results are obtained when used with one of our aftercoolers

Removes 99.9% of all liquids!

5 Year Limited Warranty*

Manufactured with pride in the USA


Eco-Mobile Dust Collection for onsite work

Flexible Ducting

Zippered - Washable Dust Socks

12" with 3700 CFM of free air movement


24" with 14,200 CFM of free air movement



Click here for Soda Blasting Videos

Click here for Soda Blasting Videos on YouTube

Graffiti Removal - Car Paint Removal - Fire Damage - MORE!


 Click here for pictures

Graffiti Removal from a Historic Register Site

Graffiti Removal from beautiful early 1900's stonework - Portland, Oregon


Blast Cabinet with Dust Collection

Soda Blast Cabinet with improved Dust Collection. Low CFM requirements for use with normal shop air compressors.

Mini-SODA BLASTER, front

Portable Mini-Soda Blaster Low CFM requirements designed for shop and hobby usage


K-100 Commercial Soda Pot Commercial Duty Portable Soda Blaster

Two bag unit with pneumatic controls and water dust suppression

No Longer Available

K-200 Industrial Soda Pot

No Longer Available



The K200 has been replaced by the Harmon H268-HO-LP MultiMedia soda/cob/sand blasting pot

Industrial Duty Soda Blaster

Model K200 Blast pot and accessory package. A cost-effective, size-efficient and operator friendly blast pot.

The K200 is no longer in production but we have few remaining proprietary parts. We do and will provide support for you and your K200.

We also offer the H268-HO-LP conversion kits to our previous customers and other prior users. This kit will allow you to shoot ALL MEDIA after conversion. Call for details.


Compressor Air Cooler, front

185 and 400 CFM Industrial Air Coolers

Air Aftercoolers and Moisture Separators

Why do you need dry air? Click here!

Use with our patented moisture extractor

Alpha-Lock™ Wheel Lock

Alpha-Lock™ Anti-Theft Wheel Locks for anything with wheels. Compressors, Trailers, etc. 

Prescreen for Abrasive Blast Media

Prescreen for Abrasive Blast Media

High impact plastic prescreen fits inside 5 gallon bucket for easy prescreening of abrasive blast media. 6" deep with heavy gauge stainless steel fabric, available in #8, #12 & #20 mesh sizes. 

Airman Air Compressors

Super-Quiet, Super-Fuel Efficient and Super-Profitable.

5 Year/5,000 Hour Warranty!

Eco-Blast Wash & Vacuum Tools



MaxxClean™ Induction Pot


Eco-Blast.Com, LLC Media Sales

26 warehouses in the US and growing!

  • We ship Eco-Media from the closest point to you to minimize freight costs.

We offer:

SofStrip™ PackageMaxxStrip™ PackageGrit-o'Cob™ Package

Company Profile

Eco-Blast.Com was established in Oregon in 1983 by John R Harmon.

We currently do business as Eco-Blast.Com, Eco-Blast.Com, LLC and Soda-Blast.Com, LLC

We strive to do the jobs entrusted to us and to work with our customers in such a way that it turns our clients into long-term business partners. By bidding fairly, dealing honestly, communicating clearly and following through with our commitments, we've forged a bond of trust with our customers that is essential in a business where surprise is the normal.  

Company Philosophy

1.     Only take on work you find challenging and interesting. That way you will always do your best.

2.     Look for a client match... not a sale. Life's too short to spend it working with someone with whom you are not compatible.

3.     People spending their money for a service deserve to be served... and a person who serves deserves respect.

4.     A well informed customer becomes a partner in the project... not an obstruction.

5.     Dream big! The best projects begin from the heart... not the head... but poor planning can turn the brightest dream into a nightmare.

6.     Like all important aspects of our environment, old houses contain our history. Like our parents and grandparents, they too are worthy of our veneration.

7.     There is nothing wrong with comfort. In fact, it is the goal of civilization.

8.     If you're going to spend your time on something... You might as well have fun.

9.     Quality is its own reward.

10.     Do it right the first time!

Thank you for your business; we will continue to earn your trust.

John R Harmon


Eco-Blast.Com, LLC.


Why yes, I do ride! (See #8 above)


Contact Information for:

Eco-Blast.Com, LLC.

Postal address
9033 SW Burnham St
Tigard, OR 97223 (Portland, OR)
Electronic mail
General Information Info@soda-Blast.Com



Eco-Blasting Abrasive Equipment

We offer specialized equipment for air blasting with water injection for dust suppression as well as Solu-Blasting which uses a pressure washer and injects dry Eco-Media into the water blast stream as it exits the wand.
Ask us!
For more information visit one of our sister sites concerning Eco-Blasting using baking soda, corn cob and magnesium sulfate for blasting media.
Visit one of our sister sites
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